Very Appreciated

When going through the last batch of QSL-cards received via the buro I was happy to receive some new DOK:s from Germany to add to my collection towards DLD1000 on 40m. Currently I am just short of 17% accomplished. My goal is to get to 1000 confirmed DOK before 2020. So far most of them is on CW, but DLD may be a good enough reason for me to gather up some courage and practice my German skills on SSB and combine three sources of fun: Language learning, DOK collecting, and ham radio.

I also received some new confirmed French districts for my DDFM collection, merci.

The best card was not a QSL but a QSL-sized contest score card for the AGCW-DL QRP Summer Contest. It is great fun to receive the information this way. I will frame the card and display it as a contest diploma.


AGCW-DL QRP Summer Contest 2001

You may notice that the contest was held in 2001, when my call was SM4RRF. Receiving the score and placement 13 years after the contest is indeed surprising and makes it a great souvenir.

Vielen Dank, DJ5AA und DL4DRA, für die Karte.

AGCW-DL Score Card

Score Card the other side

I also like the front side (back side) of the score card.

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