Packing for the weekend


Antennas, cables, string, and some more wire for improvised antennas in the left box and IC-706mkIIg, AT-180, S-match, meters, power supply and other station accessories in the right box.

On Friday afternoon SM7PXS, SM7XWM, and SM7RRF take the boat to Garpen Island to once again activate 8S7GL during the Lighthouse and Lightship weekend.

Given our experience from a number of years the setup will be two or three stations using a 80m dipole and a 40m loop both suspended from the lighthouse. A Rybakov vertical is also being packed. If the inspiration, time, and weather permit we will build something more to try once we are on the island.

If the activity and condx are on the low side we are considering taking part in the RDA contest.  We hear this contest very well every year and instead of fighting for a free 20m QRG we might take part with one of the stations this year, given that the lighthouse activity feels slow.

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