KX1 on Eu-037

KX1 in the sunset

KX1 in the sunset

Yesterday evening I had an errand to Öland, IOTA EU-037. It included some evening waiting time that I spent playing with my KX1.

I drove to Äleklinta, JO86jx. It is an Alvar area Close to the Baltic Sea, overlooking Kalmar Straight. I found a spot about 10 meters above the sea-line, where the remains of an old lime stone quarry steeps down towards the water.

Coast Line QTH with remains of stone quarry

QTH Coast Line at old stone quarry

As I forgot to bring a fishing pole to use as a mast. Instead I had to look for something to fasten the antenna in, which is not an easy solved task on the Alvar. After some Walking around I spotted a small tree and a bush with an almost exact distance to use the full length of the doublet and the radio connected to the middle – “no feeder”.

From a small treee

From a small tree

To a bush

To a bush






























This meant that the antenna was on average less than a meter above ground, but being just on the shore line I hoped that it still would work.

After setting up the station I listened for stations Calling CQ on 40 meters. With 1 Watt and the antenna almost on the ground, that would be the best tactics. DK7FK/p operating from DLFF002 was the first station I heard calling. After repeating my call a couple of times the first QSO was in the log.

Operating position

Operating position

I heard and called quite a few stations in Russia and the Ukraine, but of course the did not hear my signals. With only one Watt and the entire island blocking the signal path the only workable stations were in the directions that began with open water, towards the South and South-West.

After almost two hours and five QSOs it was getting dark and I had to take down the station while I could still see where I was stepping.

Worked stations: DL7FK/p, OZ8SW, OZ/DL1DU,HA8DD/p, DL2UQ

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