Doublet – Straight and simple

Even though I partly disassembled my horizontal loop antenna before I left for Germany in January, the wind and the trees had ripped it into three parts. One of the three parts fit exactly between two trees and was used for a 2 x 13m doublet. Fed with a ladder line and tuned to resonance at 50 Ohm with the S-match it should keep me radio-active until I have thought out new and hopefully more efficient antennas.

I tested my new antenna during a few hours of operation during Saturday and Sunday in the IARU HF Championship. In total I made 328 contacts with low power and mixed mode. It turned out that the doublet could not be tuned good on 80 meters. I need a larger coil on the S-match, or a longer antenna. But there were also problems on 15 meters with HF in the shack. I have some ideas but need to think and make some research to figure out if it is the right solution.


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