8S7GL Garpen 2013


The weekend of great radio fun is over, back to everyday-life and reality. A big thank you to SM7PXS and SM7XWM for good company and making the weekend so fun and relaxing.

Also a big thank you to SM7PIK and the other members of ‘Garpens vänner‘, the non-profit association keeping the old lighthouse and the buildings on Garpen Island open to the public. Without their dedication and positive attitude towards us radio amateurs this operation would not have been possible.

The radio operations went well, conditions on Saturday could have been better. Friday night and Sunday offered fair to normal propagation. An estimated QSO count of around 900 and all continents from ILLW SE0004 and IOTA EU-037. Within about a week there will be a summary on the 8S7GL blog.

From the QSO’s I worked during the weekend I would like to mention three: ZL3XDJ on 80m CW, 8S0GL on 80m SSB, and LA9IAA on 80m CW.

ZL3XDJ was the best DX for me. I could barely copy Brian as his signal was doing the QSB dance on the noise floor. But to my joy and surprise I was able to reach him through the pile-up and we were able to have a QSO. Brian proved good sport not giving up on the first partially received GL from our call when other stations with and without G in the suffix also were responding to his ‘GL?’-call. After exchanging report and names I thanked him and ended the QSO, the signal level on my side was not good enough to continue. Five minutes later I could no longer hear Brian’s signals. I hope to hear Brian again from home and have a longer QSO on my loop antenna.

8S0GL, another ILLW expedition, was fun to work since I almost talked with myself. 8S7GL op Ronny (SM7RRF) in QSO with 8S0GL op Ronny (SM0XMX). Ronny is not a very common name in Sweden and we were both amused and confused trying to keep the call signs straight.

It is always a pleasure to work QRP stations. LA9IAA Björn was operating with 1/2 Watt and under slight QSB we were able to perform a QSO. This QSO reminded me that I use my SW30+ 1 Watt kit far too seldom. QRP brings the best of operating skills and stubbornness.

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