Hentenna and MS

I write this post during the Perseids, using the Hentenna to work meteor scatter Just now trying to work DL2IAN on JT6M. So far this evening I have had two MS QSO’s, both random, with LY2CP and F1GTU. I cannot say more about the performance of the hentenna for MS than it works. In the current test position, only about 3 meters above ground, making QSO’s is good enough.


My thoughts over the Hentenna is whether I to build a more permanent installation in copper tubing and somehow place it higher up, or go for testing another antenna for next year’s 6 meter season. Maybe HB9CV? I will give it some thought. On one hand I would like to have a directive antenna, and on the other hand, I am so far satisfied with my wire Hentenna and would like to try it higher up and possibly rotable to see if there is any usable directivity in practice,


Any suggestion or thought about 6 meters antenna choice is welcome. At the moment I do not have any possibility for the large Yagi array we all dream about.

The attempted QSO with DL2IAN did not go through, Now I will call CQ on 227 JT6M.

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