Hentenna experiences

I have been using the 6m hentenna (see The hentenna proved to work) for a couple of months. So far I am happy with how easy it was to build and trim to resonance, and with the contacts I have made using it. But was it worthwhile to spend the extra meters of antenna wire compared to my old 6m dipole?

I decided to make a quick comparison, but as there was no opening and no traffic to hear I found a somewhat stable but weak man-made noice signal to listen to. Compared with my vertical half wave dipole the hentenna is perceived as slightly better for receiving, but there is not a huge difference. I should ask one of the local hams to help me out with a more stable signal source and to listen for differences in my transmitted signals.

Here are the far field plots for the hentenna:

hentenna2 hentenna1
















A friend helped me simulate the radiation plots for the hentenna. The simulation was made with measurements from this description, shorted with 3% for wire dimension and insulation. This was same as I used for building the hentenna, except that the feed point in practice was found by trial and error.

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