PSK31 on the loop

Loop and ladder line

Loop and ladder line

I have been working some hours with my new 110m long horizontal loop. So far mostly on 30m and a few QSO’s on 10m. The antenna is easy to tune with my S-match, band switching takes less than a minute and would be even quicker if I marked the inductor on the S-match with the different band positions.

Unfortunately there has not yet been any DX-openings to speak of when I have been operating, so I cannot say anything yet about how the loop behaves for long distance contacts on the different bands. My experience with larger horizontal loop antennas is limited, but the 160m long loop we have at the club station is very operable both for DX and EU-contacts.

Almost all contacts so far has been on PSK31, as I am trying out and learning about UR5EQF log with both digi modes support and contest module.

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