Loop antenna up

S-MatchLast few weekends I have been putting up a horizontal loop, ” sky wire”, about 70m long. Today I brought in a 600 ohm ladder line from the loop to the radio, and I was able to tune all HF-bands 80m through 10m. On 160m I got to 1:4 SWR, intuitively it feels like changing to a not all that larger inductor on the S-match would also put 160m on air, be it not all that efficient.

This loop antenna is not meant to be a long-term antenna, I put it up solely for experimental purposes, to do on air tests with S-matches and I will have to take it down at least twice, first as a couple of trees will be taken down and some time later as the roofers come to replace the tiles. I have some ideas to put up a longer and higher placed horizontal loop with a longer planned life time by the end of the summer. If I have time and opportunity, I will start burying radials for an inverted L-vertical for 160m and 80m during the summer. There are always antenna ideas present…


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