Saturday, half-way through the weekend.

For the first time in a long time I have been without duties or arrangements for a weekend. Something that paid off in some relaxing activities.

Already yesterday Friday afternoon I went to my friend SM7PXS to drop off the SoftRock Ensemble transceiver kit that arrived to me last week. We ordered one each via my account, but only one has arrived so far, and since it was PXS’s birthday present from his wife I let him get the first kit to arrive. I hope mine also comes soon, I don’t want to let him have too much of a head start on me.

The first half of today (Saturday) was spent clearing out some cupboards of old clothes and other obsolete items. We ended up driving to the recycling station with four sacks of garbage and two sacks of fine but unwanted clothes to be left for charity. After a light lunch I lowered and checked the condition of my 40/80m fan dipole. And as I noticed and expected/suspected it was broken, one of the dipole arms had snapped off at the feed point. As the center bracket holding the dipole arms, coax and hoisting line was in a lousy condition I made a new from a piece of nylon cutting board and fixed a new feed point. Also one of the lines holding up one of the 40m arms was replaced by a new piece of flag line. With a little luck the dipole will be ready to last the winter storms and stay up over the winter.

To celebrate that the antenna works fine again I hand out some points in the Worked All Germany contest and test UCX log for the first time. It is easy to use, but I miss some info like “next multiplier is worth x points” and “next QSO is worth y points”. Would also like to have the list of multipliers worked/left available. Since I have not used UCX log before, it may be there, I just may not yet have found out how to bring the info to the screen. I will try it out in some more contests to see if I will use it instead of SD-log.

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