Solder melted

By coincidence I found an interesting program on the internet today, DIY Layout Creator, that I wanted to try out. Suitably I had the switching logic for the TX/RX switch that I prototyped solderless yesterday and a piece of veroboard laying in the junkbox.

The first impression is good. It is very much more easy to plan and workout the layout on-screen than I ever had doing it with paper, pencil and eraser – the reason that I have never got along with veroboards. It was very easy and intuitive to use the program, no need to read the manual. The program supports various kinds of experimental boards, give it a try if you haven’t already.

In the picture above the layout of the switching logic figured out and made visual with DIY Layout Creator can be seen.

I just finished soldering the parts on a corner of the veroboard. Smoke test and hopefully assembly with the switching circuit is still to do.

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