RX/TX Switch working (without logic)

Ugly style RFswitch

This evening I constructed the RX/TX switch ugly style. At first it did not at all work the receiver was almost deaf taking the antenna signal through the switch… what was wrong? It took some trouble shooting before I realized that I mistakenly took the wrong component while soldering, a 10pF capacitor on one of the legs, which gives a reactance of about 4k at 3.5 MHz. After I changed to 100nF it worked just fine, no change in signal strength could be heard testing with and without the switch between the antenna and receiver.

After the soldering practice I played a little with ExpressSCH to draw the circuit diagram. While doing so I also designed the logic for switching one way or the other.

This was the first time testing the program, I did not quite get along with it when it came to the transistors. In order to export the diagram to the ExpressPCB program where a pcb layout can be drawn, the connections (BCE) had to be numbered and I could not figure out how to get the numbers in place.

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