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Ridding the old

Last two weeks radio activity has been focused on clearing our unnecessary items from the shack and junk box. All of a sudden it has become easier to move around in here… To night I spent an hour going through … Continue reading

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A day well spent in good company

This past week has not given many productive hours in the radio hobby. Work and family duties filled the days and nights. But Saturday I joined a group of members in the local radio club, who met at the club … Continue reading

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The Apache

Last week I found a children’s’ compound bow called “Apache” on sale at a hardware store. I figured that the name promised good for use as a help in putting up wire antennas. After a cold and rainy Sunday, we … Continue reading

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In resonance…

During the weekend I wound and mounted a toroid coil and a trimmer capacitor for the series resonance circuit between the low pass filter on the transmitter and the receiver of the KRAS-transceiver. It was immediately noted that the receiver … Continue reading

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